We Deliver Expertly Designed Structural Support Solutions, No Matter The Height, Weight, Or Technical Difficulty.

We can supply your Civil Engineering or Commercial Construction projects with shoring of any height.  Perfect for laying concrete slabs, beams, construction of bridges and overpasses.

Our in-house engineering department will design the most suitable solution for your Construction Programme and Budget.



Ringlock is a versatile system made up of Frames, Braces and Jacks. Making installation and dismantle a fast and efficient process. As a result, Ringlock is easy to alter to suit the everchanging site conditions. 

In conclusion, it is the ideal support solution for all your concrete projects.

Superslim Solder

8T acces to heavy machinary at Custome st

Our high-strength superslim soldier system is primarily used for formwork and propping.

we have chosen this product for its robust structure and simplicity to assemble. 

it is also a versatile product which is suitable for many applications - including but not limited - to back-propping, propping and needling to formwork spreader beams.

We offer this system includes a comprehensive range of sizes, extensions, components, and accessories which create the flexible and adaptable shoring system. 

We Provide The Best Service In Industry