Weatherproofing & Containment

We Specialise In Providing Large Free Spanning Structures For temporary Weather Protection And Containment

Weatherproofing can take months off your construction programme and protect interiors during unfavourable weather conditions.

Our adaptable product can be used for the containment of asbestos, debris or other harmful material. 



Leader Scaffolding's signature plastic wrap installations have been popping up around construction sites throughout the country.  With ever increasing popularity, we are the undisputed leader in shrink wrap installation for New Zealands construction industry.

Our in-house engineers will create the best suitable scaffold for each site. This hands-on approach means our weather proofing solution is garuanteed to fit the unique shape of each building site. The advantages of the shrink wrap system are endless. Weatherproofing, protection from UV rays, waste containment and privacy are just a few.

at Leader Scaffolding we pride ourselves with our attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. This has made us the first port of call when construction companies require shrink-wraping services.

Renovation & Leaky Buildings


Leaky buildings severely affect both the value of the property and the health of its occupants.
Our track record as the leading shrink wrap installation company has connected us with recladders and renovators who are working tirelessly to fix New Zealand's leaky building crisis.
Our clients have noted the main advantage to shrink wrapping a leaky property during recladding is that people can still live relatively comfortably in the building while the work is executing.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry